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How do I know you will not take my money and disappear? Why should I trust you?

We are registered and endorsed by the Colombian Tourism Board. We have been a member of the Adventure Travel Trade organisation, and have been part of their travel expos in Sydney and Mexico. We are now an active member of Sustainable Travel International.

We have been operating for more than three years and have many satisfied customers, who have provided  testimonials of their experience. We can also provide you with contact details of some our customers if you wish to verify their testimonials. All payments are invoiced and receipt of payments provided. Payment can be made through a secure online payment platform.

Colombian Travels is featured in articles in mainstream websites such as NINEMSN in Australia and MSN in New Zealand, and in Viva travel guides.


What’s the best time of year to travel to Colombia?

The best time to travel to Colombia is during the dry seasons, which are mid-June to September, and December – March. If you’re planning to travel to during the Christmas, New Year and Easter period, we strongly recommend you plan this well in advance, as availabilty can be an issue for last minute bookings.


What is the weather like in Colombia?

Bogota’s climate is quite consistent all year round. Bogota is 2600m above sea level, so it can get quite cold at night, and is moderate during the day, between 10 – 20 ° C (50°F – 68°F) every day.

The rest of Colombia is much warmer. Generally, the closer to the coast you are, the warmer it gets. Many parts of Colombia are very tropical eg the Carribbean Coast, with temperatures around 35°C (95°F).

 There is a rainy season and a dry season which impacts the rainfall throughout the country. The dry season is mid-June to September, and December to March. Mid June – September, and Mid December – March.


Is Colombia a safe place to travel?

Colombia is now as safe a place to travel as any in South America – if not safer! Because of its difficult past, twenty years ago, it was considered to be a dangerous place for tourists to visit. But now that security has been restored, many regions of Colombia are now safe to travel. But because tourism is such a new industry, it  can still be difficult to plan and book your holiday – the best places to see aren’t on the internet or in the guide books. That’s where Colombian Travels can help you. Your itinerary will be organised and booked by a local travel expert who will get you the best accommodation, services and prices, and will offer you an authentic experience with trustworthy providers in a safe environment.


What shots and immunisations do I need before to Colombia?

Depending on which areas of Colombia you are travelling to, you may need to vaccinate yourself against diseases such as Hep A, Thyphoid, Yellow Fever, Hep B, rabies, measles, mumps and tetanus. Many countries will require you to present a Yellow Fever certificate to enter/re enter after travelling to South America. Please consult a doctor at 2 - 3 months before travel.


Is it safe to rent a car and drive around Colombia?

We don’t recommend this to our customers. The local driving style and remote roads can be a bit scary for non locals. Instead, we arrange transport with drivers for our customers, either private cars, vans or taxis.


What destinations to do you offer?

We offer destinations all over Colombia, from cities to beaches, mountains treks to amazon adventures, remote indigenous regions and also the main tourist areas. We are constantly adding more destinations as new regions of Colombia open up to tourism.

What activities do you offer?

We offer a full range of activities, such as trekking, bird watching, city tours, indigenous community visits, volunteering programs, yoga retreats, Spanish classes, horse riding, snorkelling etc etc. They are all provided by our network of local providers who have been hand picked by Colombian Travels to ensure you have the most authentic experience with the best local guides.  

How do I pay?

The payment is divided in two halves. 50% of the quoted price will need to be paid 60 days prior to your departure. Once you have paid your deposit we will provide you with your detailed itinerary and confirm all your bookings.

The remainder is paid 30 days before departure.

Any bookings made closer to 30 days before departure will require full payment and will carry a surcharge for late bookings.

All payments are made by credit card through a secure online payment system or by international bank transfer at your convenience.

How far ahead should I plan my travel?

It’s best to start planning at least 90 days before your departure date.

Can you tailor make an itinerary to fit my plans?

We specialise in tailor made itineraries. You tell us where you’d like to go, what your budget is and when you want to travel, and we’ll put together an itinerary for you that will ensure you get the most out of every day and see the best that Colombia has to offer. It can be hard for non locals to book and plan their trip – a lot of the best places can’t be found on the internet and in guide books. Plus, once you’re there you won’t have to waste time planning your next move – everything will be fully booked and paid for before you travel.

Do you provide transport?

Yes, we provide a range of transport to get you from A to B within Colombia, including internal flights, buses, private cars, taxi services. This will be fully laid out for you in your detailed itinerary, including airport and hotel transfers, flight details, and land transport where needed.

Do you provide guided tours in my language?

All of our local guides are fluent in English and of course of Spanish. We also provide you with support on the ground in English or Spanish while travelling via email, skype or phone. If you need support or guides in other languages, please contact us.

Can you book my international flights for me?

Yes, we can organise your inbound and outbound flights for you. Please let us know if you would like us to include this as part of your itinerary.

What’s the advantages of booking my holiday through Colombian Travels?

Colombia’s tourism industry is still in it’s early stages. That means that many of the hotels and local operators can’t be found through the internet or guide books, and many don’t speak English. Colombian Travels are the Colombian travel specialists. We will plan, organise and book everything for you through our network of hand-picked providers to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. Plus while you’re there, you don’t have to worry about a thing – everything will be fully booked and paid for before you leave. We can organise guided or un-guided tours, luxury or basic accommodation, depending on your preferences

Do you cater for luxury travel?

Many of our customers like to travel four or five star. We have a huge range of top quality four and five star accommodation options that we are able to offer and include in your itinerary.

I’m interested in adventure travel, trekking and nature tours, can you provide these services?

We are specialists in adventure travel, and offer a range of activities, like mountain trekking, jungle treks, snorkelling and bird watching.

Is Colombia a good place for seniors to travel to?

Colombia is suitable for all age groups, and is a perfect places for seniors to explore. We can tailor your trip to cater to your needs and travelling style.

Do I get support on the ground while travelling in Colombia?

We provide you with emails, phone numbers and skype numbers to answer all your queries should anything arise while you travel. Plus we have an office in the main tourist hub in Bogota.


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"Overall the trip was an incredible experience and I can't wait to get back to Colombia."

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"An eye-opening and amazing introduction to Colombia. It is definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I now love Colombia and can’t wait to go back!!"

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"A great experience overall, full of interesting places, warm and wonderful people, and plenty of memories and laughs."

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"This tour gave me the taste of the whole country and the opportunity to really interact with locals"

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"The country and its people are all great. The tour was well organised and everything ran smoothly."

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"I loved the Hotel in Santa Marta - a real oasis with lovely and helpful staff to come back to each day. My first visit to Colombia and I'll be back to experience some of the other exciting options it has to offer."

London, UK - 2013

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